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ISO 9001- BSI


In May 2010 I.C. Electrical Limited was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 BSI accreditation and following

this accreditation we successfully transitioned to the revised ISO 9001: 2015 standard in November 2017 which is well in advance of the September 2018 deadline.

Our objective is to deliver exceptional quality products and services that meet the specifications of our clients whilst satisfying all regulatory requirements. We aim to provide complete satisfaction to our clients through the delivery of products without defects, on time, and with continued support after delivery.

This policy is communicated to all levels of IC Electrical. All personnel have the responsibility, authorisation and organisational freedom to identify and record non-conforming product, and to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any non-conforming product, process or quality system. Our employees are a key ingredient for the success of our quality goals and the involvement of people at all levels enables the company and our clients to benefit from their abilities.

Senior management are continually looking to improve the quality system and encourage all our employees to contribute to its development. We schedule regular management reviews where the objectives of the company and the continued suitability and relevance of the Quality Policy will be examined.

IC Electrical seek to ensure all employees have the skills, positive environment, training and resources to achieve our quality goals and to work at meeting or exceeding our own expectations and those of our clients.

All our employees are responsible for understanding and following this quality policy. I.C. Electrical Ltd's commitment to Quality is under pinned by the Managing Directors' retention of the overall responsibility for the Quality Management System.

I.C.Electrical ISO 9001