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Case Studies

ABB builds its smartest power-protection technology into a UK Anaerobic Digestion Plant

A 24-hour facility that converts food and farm waste into gas to power homes relies on an array of digital ABB devices to sustain its operations and predict when maintenance will be required.

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Solving the Electrical Skills Gap

The world of work is changing and the range and number of jobs and careers options available to young people in the UK is greater than ever before. However, with increasing numbers of school leavers choosing to move from compulsory education, through sixth form and to university, the number of apprentices choosing to learn a trade has decreased, and the electrical industry is noticing the effects.

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Switchgear innovation - what's changing?

The switchgear market is changing at a rapid pace – we take a look at some of the areas where innovation is charging ahead:.

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Getting to grips with new arc fault detection guidance

1 January 2019 brought into force new legislation around the detection of arc faults, aiming to help businesses enhance standards of safety when installing electrical devices. Following technological advancements in this area, the guidance offers an explanation of the different types of arc fault detection devices (AFDD) and where they are required.

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