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Types of Control Panels

Power Distribution Panel Boards

I.C.Electrical Limited provide and offer high outstanding reliability and functionality of Power Distribution Panel Boards.

We design and build the panels within the company by the I.C.E workers.


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VECTOR Panel is a new range of Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels designed and developed by V.E.O Finland.

The VECTOR Medium Switchgear panel product is also now part of I.C.Electrical limited direct products.

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VEDA Panels

I.C.Electrical Limited VEDA 5000 Low Voltage Switchgear, a product of V.E.O Finland is now a direct product of I.C.E Limited and is manufactured in the UK at our premises.

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Bespoke Panels

I.C.Electrical Limited can provide you and install Bespoke Control Panels according to the needs and technical requirements of our customers.

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HMI Panels

I.C.Electrical Limited human-machine interfaces (HMI) are designed to meet all your requirements.

Each HMI can be adapted and designed according to the different characteristics required.

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Pneumatic Panels

I.C.Electrical Pneumatic Control Panels according to the needs and technical requirements of our customers.


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Network Panels

I.C.Electrical Limited is also specialized in the design and implementation of the network configuration panel.



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PLC & RIO Panels

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & Remote Input/Output (RIO) Control Panel.



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GRP Panels

I.C.Electrical Limited can also provide a GRP Control Panel  (FibreGlass Reinforced Polyester) if your request is not based of the  Mild Steel or Stainless Steel type panel material.

This material can be a good compromise between quality and price.

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Field Isolator & Junction Boxes

I.C.Electrical Limited have a skills in the Field isolators and a Junction Boxes.

This product plays an important role in the electrical system to protect your installation from any type of electrical incident in case of emergency.

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Push Button & Indication Station

Designed and realized for a simple used, all the indication station and push button from I.C.Electrical come with the high exigence of quality, despite this product being of simple use.

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