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Renewable Energy Projects

It has been recognised that Fossil Fuels have a limited supply and considered to be non-renewable due to the timescales of their formation plus the burning of them produces large amounts of carbon dioxide which is harmful to the environment and due to this a directive and incentives have been set to use renewables.

The EU has set a 15% overall target for UK energy consumption from Renewable Sources in 2020 and due to this there are a lot of Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Biomass Plants and Biogas Plants being developed around the UK which all produce energy from Renewable fuels. Together with these there are Material Recycling Facilities also being developed around the UK which process waste for recycling or burning.

I.C. Electrical have recognised that these plants all require electrical installation and control systems and to date have been involved in a number of projects around the UK varying in size, complexity and requirement and have built up a good knowledge of the requirements for these plants.

Many of the projects have included close co-operation with European designers, integrators, project managers and tradesmen for which I.C. Electrical have been able to advise on UK legislation and regulations plus assist with Health & Safety awareness and training.

Due to the varying requirements of these projects the disciplines undertaken by I.C. Electrical have varied from project to project and are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual project.

If you have a requirement and need to know how we can help or need further information please contact us on 01283 530666.

Renewable Electrical Projects

Types of renewable electrical projects undertaken by ICE

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