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Electrical Engineering Solutions

IC Electrical Ltd endeavours to provide a complete one-stop-shop for Electrical Engineering Solutions and Installations along with its chosen partners.

The sooner that ICE is involved in a Project the greater the value added Engineering solution.

How can an Electrical contractor make any other impact?

Due to our process background allied with our Renewable experience we at ICE are up to date with the latest technology and innovation.

We also look to optimise our solution, this is borne out of searching for the competitive edge but as other positive effects. 


3D Modelling

3D Modelling allows us to accurately measure all components and greatly reduces waste

This is not the only benefit as the intelligent clash detection software also alerts us to problematic areas at design stage which has obvious benefits to any project.

3D Modelling of Electrical Engineering Solutions      3D Modelling for Electrical Engineering Solutions


Reduced Carbon Footprint

We can also reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of deliveries to site, using the modelling system we can measure all bracketry and pre-form the brackets in house before delivering to site. Traditionally this work would all take place on site and would require a number of deliveries.

Use of a model is shared amongst disciplines and enables us to discuss problem issues that are not always apparent until the construction phases.


Lighting Calculation Design

I.C.Electrical Ltd can modelling, design and make the calculation of the Emergency Lighting Plan in accordance with EN54599-4, BS EN 60598-1, EN5266-1 &BS EN 1838:2013.

 Lighting Design for Electrical Engineering Solutions Lighting Calculations for Electrical Engineering Solutions



Cabling Systems

We take the overall scheme and tie in with the automation team to develop an operational strategy.

In some cases a traditional hard wired approach is specified but where it is not we can reduce cabling requirements thus reducing size of cable support systems and therefore time to install by using intelligent bus-systems.


Voltage Range Optimisation For Lower Energy Consumption

Often we will advise our customer that altering voltages can result in overall lower energy consumption.

Rather than standard 400v industrial voltages we have also applied 3.3KV and 690V, there is absolute synergy here with our partners' range of Drives and  switchgear, again reducing raw materials- less current = smaller cables

Running cost are lowered and less energy consumed = reduction in the carbon footprint.

Reduce Carbon Footprint with Electrical Engineering Solutions

At the conceptual stage we will

  • Consult with our partners and external organisations as required to confirm regulatory requirements are fully considered.
  • Assist with broad Design Risk Assessments
  • Give realistic budgets
  • Develop a system architecture
  • Draft a programme for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning phases.

At the Design stage we will

  • Assist with Detailed design Risk Assessments
  • Develop the detailed design
  • Optimise economic solutions
  • Optimise Energy saving solutions
  • Optimise reduction of raw materials
  • Consult throughout with our partners
  • Design- in- sustainability
  • Develop the programme or timescale

At the manufacture, Installation and commissioning phases we will

  • Reduce waste
  • Use best quality materials offering sustainability to the plant
  • Plan deliveries within our team
  • Work with other trades
  • Work as a considerate contractor
  • Adhere to local rules
  • Educate our partners or customers in the use of our products enabling them to optimise the plant whilst ensuring that the serviceable life of each component is enhanced.
  • Support the plant operator using wireless technology


We see that offering this solution together we can find a better way to draw on our combined knowledge and experience to reduce costs and therefore increase profits for our partners while also reducing waste and damage to the environment via optimisation.

Make a sustainable plant supported with regular health checks and maintenance

Lower the carbon footprint 

From concept through to implementation....

Electrical Engineering Solutions CopceptElectrical Engineering Solutions Installation